Ambitious founders.

Lasting impact.

We grow bold new software companies.

We work and invest alongside the founders.

We believe founders are the best people to help other founders.

That’s why we built Founderfounder.

Founders we work with:

Founderfounder’s been critical to building our team, our product and our culture.

Founderfounder is amazing across marketing, product, and tech — they are really helping us accelerate our plans.

  • Hamnett Hill
  • Co-founder & Chairman
  • Hamnett Hill
  • Co-founder & Chairman

Founderfounder’s product experience has been pivotal to prioritising what matters, avoiding costly mistakes and accelerating our growth.

It's inspiration uplift. I've always left our catch-ups feeling very positive and motivated...

With Founderfounder we have aligned our product, messaging and positioning — resulting in an immediate uptick in sales traction.

Founderfounder’s SaaS and technology background has been instrumental in building out our strategic product roadmap.

Our Portfolio

(Acq, Zendesk)

Our Focus

Seed stage. B to B. SaaS. Strategic product and go-to-market programs for growth.

We believe founders are the best people to help other founders. 

We work and invest in your product and go-to-market as operators ‘inside the ride’ alongside the founders.

Founderfounder was formed in 2016 by Romilly Blackburn, previously co-founder & COO of Whispir (ASX:WSP), CMO & CPO of Smooch (Acq: Zendesk). 

Our extended team is a network of designers, product people, developers and marketers. Recent collaborations include work in China, Japan, US, Canada, New Zealand. 

We are based in Melbourne, Australia.

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